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MSU - Hokkaido University Joint Office

Our office was established in 2019, as the Joint Office between M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and Hokkaido University. In addition to directly promoting educational and research exchanges between the two universities, the mission of this office is to serve as an regional office of “Study in Japan Global Network Project” in Russia and CIS, and also as a Russian Branch Office for “the Association of Japanese and Russian Universities” in Russia.

In order to expand and strengthen partnerships and collaborations with Russian universities, our office provides information and services regarding Hokkaido University (e.g.  planning various events, supporting former international students, creation of alumni networks, etc.)  


We also serve as a hub for visiting university faculty members of Hokkaido University.


Message from Director.


In May 2019, Hokkaido University launched overseas office in Russia...

Our staff

Prof. Hirofumi KATO

Director/ Professor, Centre for Ainu & Indigenous Studies, Hokkaido University

(non residental)




Lecturer/ Study Abroad Coordinator



Lecturer/ Study Abroad Coordinator



Research fellow



Research fellow

Our missons

  • Preparation and holding of Study in Japan Fair, recruiting students from Russia who want to study in Japan;
  • Support for the activities of the Association of Japanese and Russian Universities;
  • Coordination and promoting of international academic exchanges of students, graduate students and teachers;
  • Support for teaching and research activities;
  • Interaction with public authorities in relation to education, promotion of Japanese education in Russia;
  • Strengthening and Promotoing cooperation between universities and other academic institutions, business and public authorities;
  • Promoting communication with citizens of Russia - graduates of Japanese universities.